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Following the recent price increases announced by most of the UK's energy suppliers including British Gas, Powergen, Npower, etc there has never been a better time to shop around and compare prices.

The best way to shop around is to use our free of charge and 100% impartial price comparison calculator, which is fully accredited by 'energywatch' the governments own industry watchdog service. For a free no obligation quote please click on the following link:

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For Small to medium gas users with a consumption between 0 and 1 million kwh's per year and small to medium electricity users whose supply number begins with 01 up to 08 we recommend our FREE instant business energy quotation.

For larger users of gas using 1 million kWh's and above and electricity customers with a supply number starting with '00' or for those electricity customers whose supply number starts with 03 to 08 and have 5 or more sites - we are pleased to introduce you to the unique 'how-low reverse auction service.'

We use the term 'how-low reverse auction' because the cheapest energy price wins.

All gas and electricity suppliers are invited to take part in the auction which will run for 5 days. Interested suppliers including your current supplier will bid against each other in an attempt to 'win' your business - this is a great way of driving the price down.

The winning bid is defined as being the lowest bid entered in to the auction.

Please note: you are under no obligation to accept any of the prices as a result of using any of the above services.

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